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  • Heart Ailment
    Heart Attack is the major disease from which most of the people are suffering today. Mostly every body is aware of the cause of the heart attack but they are helpless to do anything for that. In reality it is difficult to recognize the symptoms of heart disease at first because we have cases where a person does not feel a symptoms of heart disease & gets first heart attack & dies. But these types of cases are very few

  • The Heart
    The heart retains its priority over all the other important organs of the human body, as it supplies blood to the entire human body. To purify the impure blood is the main task of the heart. The human heart is a small muscular organ situated in the center of the chest, a little left side. The size of the Heart is approximately a clenched fist. The heart is protected with the chest bone or sternum and ribs in front. Internally the heart is divided into 4 chambers, and has four major valves. The heart is mostly made up of a strong muscle tissue called the myocardium and it works continuously like a tireless pump throughout the men’s life.

  • Coronary Heart Disease: (CHD)
    To function properly heart also requires oxygen and nutrition, which is transported by blood. Blood is supplied to the heart through vessels called Coronary Arteries. When these arteries get blocked because of cholesterol & fat, it results in shortage of oxygen to heart muscle & leads to angina pain i.e. pain in the left side of chest which is recognized as Coronary Heart Disease / Ischaemic Heart Disease

    Your heart is going to get problems when your blockages cross the limit of 70% & until that you are not going to feel any problem. Because your heart requires 30% blood supply. If this requirement is fulfilled you are not going to get any heart problem

  • Causes of Coronary Heart Diseases
    1.        High Blood Pressure
    2.        High Serum Cholesterol
    3.        Diabetes – High blood Sugar
    4.        Lack of physical activity
    5.        Sedentary life style
    6.        Obesity
    7.        High Stress
    8.        Smoking, Tobacco
    9.        Wrong Food Habits
  • The other causes are:
    a.    Anger
               b.    Irritable Temper
               c.    Self-centeredness
               d.    A Sense of isolation
               e.    Jealousy
               f.     Hostility 
               g.    Aggressive behavior
               h.    Hatred

  • What is Heart Attack?
    A Heart Attack or Myocardial Infraction is the consequence of complete obstruction of blood supply to a part of the heart muscle due to a block in the Coronary Arteries. The heart muscles are completely deprived of their blood and oxygen supply, which leads to their death.

  • Angnia
    Angina is the sensation of heaviness or pain in the left side of the chest, which typically radiates to left arm. You can identify the angina from the various symptoms such as Chest pain, Breathlessness, Sweating,  Nausea, Dizziness, Pain or Heaviness, Choking, Tightness in the chest,  Weakness etc.

  • Medical Treatment
    The available treatment in Medical Science are Medicines or Surgical way i.e. Angioplasty or Bypass surgery, which has been proved to be a temporary solution with no benefits. 

    The Medication includes Vasodilators, Blood Thinning Drugs, Anti- cholesterol Drugs etc., all of them bring about a temporary relief from your symptoms, leaving the block as it is. In fact that will give us side effects and form new diseases. 

    In medical treatment the doctor will first give you the drugs called Nitrates, which are Sorbitrate, Monotrate, Aspirin, Angispan, Isordil and Ismo etc. You have to take it 2-4 times a day regularly. These drugs dilate the vessels & thereby supply more oxygen to heart. The effect of these drugs is only for 6-10 hours so you have to consume another tablet after some time. The drugs provide etemporary relief while you need is a permanent relief. Again the disease is not treated, you just get the temporary relief. 

    The Surgical approach is Angioplasty & Bypass surgery. But they both failed to give permanent relief; the patient gets reblockages after some time. 

    The Angioplasty is done by ballooning, stent or spring. The most of the patient who have done Angioplasty get reblockages within 6-8 months only. 

    Bypass surgery is done by putting veins removed from legs of the patients or some arteries supplying blood to the chest. It is an expensive treatment, which cost you Rs. 2 lacs or more. It is also a temporary measure as the patient gets reblockages within 4-5 years. Again there is a high risk to the patient’s life at the time of operation. 

    Previously the medical science had opinion that the heart disease was a permanent disease but the research has proved that ‘Reversal of heart blockage is possible’ through stress management, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam, Diet Control & most importantly Spiritual power. 

    The time has come for rational thinking regarding the usefulness of Alternate Therapies for treating those diseases in which modern science has failed. The alternate therapies includes: Acupressure, Acupuncture, Divine Healing, Spiritual Healing, Magnet Therapy, Pranic Healing, Psychic Surgery, Reiki, Shiatsu, Techyon Therapy etc. 

    For getting all these treatments you may have to go to a different practitioner but now at our center you will get all these treatments under one roof only. SDr. Vinod J. Shah (A.M.) has done a deep practice & has experience of more than 10 years in this field. He is an enlightened person who has developed a program called AKHAND CHIKITSA and who is doing Psychic Surgery to avoid any operations.

  • Spiritual Pneumatic External Counter Pulsation SPECP
    Now SDr. Vinod J. Shah has started a technology called SPECP to treat the patient with Angina / Heart blockages. This technology is based on the principle of Counter Pulsation i.e. increasing the blood flow in the heart. The machines based on this principle are also running in various countries like America, China, Australia, Europe etc.  This machine is approved by FDA (America) to treat the patients.

  • How does SPECP works?
    During this treatment patient has to lie down on bad and a set of cuffs are wrapped around the calves, thighs and buttocks. These cuffs are attached to air hoses that connect to valves that inflate and deflate the cuffs. Patient experience sensations of a strong hug moving upward form the calves to thighs to buttocks during inflation followed by a rapid release of pressure on deflation. Inflation and Deflation are electronically synchronized. Due to the inflation of the cuffs coronary blood flow is increased and the coronary arteries provide the heart muscles with more bloods. 

    The process of SPECP is very safe and economical than Angioplasty or Bypass surgery. 

Case 1

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Case 2

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Myocardial Infraction due
 to heart blockage

Heart Blockages are dissolved

Case 3

Before Treatment

After Treatment






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