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Before Treatment Report

Name: Mrs.D Shah
Age : 
Disease: Heart Blockages & Clot

This is to confirm that I have taken the treatment of spiritual Healing, Psychic surgery & SPECP Machine. I am perfectly all right as far as my health is concerned. I was suffering from Diabetes and Heart Problem. In the month of Feb’ 2004 I got Heart Attack and was Hospitilized for 6 days in Nairobi- Kenya. I was told to go for Angiography due to abnormal ECG. For further Treatment I came to India on 4th  April’ 2004.

I have undergone the treatment  of Spiritual Healing, Psychic surgery & SPECP Machine ( For Natural Bypass) for one month 17/04/04 to 17/05/04 for my health Problems instead of going for Bypass Surgery.

Now I am completely All Right after taking this Treatment for my Heart Problem and I recommend this treatment for all the Health Problems


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After Treatment Report


Name: Mrs. A
Age : 74 yrs
Disease: Jaundice and diabetes

She is suffering from diabetes from last 2 years the root cause of diabetes is financial tension. Instead of taking diabetics medicine she started spiritual healing treatment she is doing yoga and Pranayam and morning walk. She is maintaining her diabetic with diet control. 

In last July 26,2005 during heavy raining days she got jaundice for which she is done the blood test she has taken spiritual healing treatment only for jaundice for one day for 10 minutes from SDr. Vinod Shah.  Her jaundice gets cured after 4 days her diabetic shoot up to 410 count doctor prescribe her insulin 10 unit in morning and 10 unit in evening. She started taking insulin. Next day she started spiritual healing treatment this time Aura photography was done which saws the red, black color energy out side the body 7 photographs was taken which saws the heavy negative energy of black and red color all over the body. The photograph also shows right side of the body that is liver area is clean form the negative energy that was responsible for the jaundice. But only partial treatment without photography has resulted in diabetic shoot up.

The diabetes is because of negative energy out side the body and not because of pancreases in efficiency to secret the insulin. She has undergone spiritual healing and psychic surgery and her insulin comes down to below normal that is because of insulin she was taking her doctor stop the insulin till today she is not taking any insulin. Her diabetes remains normal in morning and 200 units after the lunch. And she is taking tablet in morning and evening.  

This is the proof that any mind originated diseases the root cause lies in mind body that exist in the Aura 3 feet surrounding human body. You have to take treatment of mind and soul only for mind originated diseases. There is no need of any medicine. When root cause is mind.

The medicine is treatment in the symptom of the body and not the root cause. Allopathic medicine gives temporary relief and horrible side effect as new diseases. If you take spiritual healing and psychic surgery further damage will stops. And gradually you will get improvement. This is a right way of treatment of body, mind and soul body as a whole. We have given the name super science “Akhand Chikitsa” that is treatment of body, mind, soul body as a whole.

Name: Mrs.D
Age : 64 yrs
Disease: Depression, Mental tension, Leg pain.

The black and red color stress energy is responsible for mind originated diseases it is a root cause of health problem. Mind generates black, gray and red color diseased causing negative energy. Which is responsible for her health problem.

Her life was very miserable in past now she has got problem with daughter in law and that is root cause of health problem.

She has taken treatment in our center for one month. She is completely all right certificate is available with us.





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