Before Treatment

Baby: Hetavi    Age: 4 Months 

Born as mentally retarded child. MIR report shows mental block. And doctor declares her as mentally retarded child. She has taken treatment for the 3 month as per medical advice. But no improvement.

After Treatment

Baby: Hetavi    Age: 4 Months

The pip Aura scans after the treatment of spiritual healing and psychic surgery after four days saws lot of improvement in her physical body. she became a normal child. Her mind power is reconnected to super soul, which is seen as golden color energy on the head area. This is dynamo power of human body. The black and red color electro magnetic waves of radiation from Sonography are reducing by 80 to 90% with treatment of spiritual power and psychic surgery.



The person at the beginning of the talk on mobile phone you can see the brown and black radiation

The person using mobile, after 30 second of the talk. You can see more radiation brown and black color of mobile, which cause brain tumor, deafness, and heart problem and other health problem.

The person after taking treatment of spiritual healing and acupuncture you can see the radiation is reduced.






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