A patient named V.L.S. Navsari, aged 45, he come with reports of Enlargement of heart of Eco cardiogram from Surat Further reports from Bombay hospital, Bombay confirmed that he has got Enlargement of heart problem. Doctor told the patient that they have no treatment and cure for your problem. Every year you have to undergo Eco cardiogram within a 5 to 7 years your heart will be completely damaged. When the second time he come for the Eco cardiogram he come to our clinic for a treatment of Spiritual Healing as per the advised by his friend, Doctor was surprised that his ENLARGEMENT OF HEART COMPELETELY CURED.The copy of reports for both the years is available at our center. Even after 5 years he has got no complaint still today.


A patient named A.R.S., aged 45,16 years back he has got diabetes. The root cause was analyzed which was a business tension. Medical doctor prescribed him a medicine  for diabetes. If it is a medicine of Diabetes, it should completely cure it within 8 to 10 days. Patient think that treatment is going on, doctor also think that he is doing the treatment as he was learned i medical science. But disease progress further after 5 years he got a heart attack, the root cause of which was analyzed which was family tension. He was referred to the Heart specialist, who prescribed him a medicine.
    After 3 years Bypass surgery was done and additional medicine was prescribed. Here again doctor think that treatment is going on in the right direction but the diseases progress further. After 5 years the patient got Diabetic neuropathy of leg. He could not climb one step of staircase. The strength in both the legs was reducing due to
neurological problem. Heart specialist doctor refer the case to the Neurology saying that this is not our problem, he gave him a letter to consult the neurologist.
     We have treated this patient with a Spiritual Power. The patient got the strength of the legs back and he was able to climb 4-store building through the staircase without any problem. HIS HEART BLOCKAGES WAS DISSOLVED BY PSYCHIC OPERATION which improved the pumping of heart and there by supplying more blood to the leg which solved the problem of leg neuropathy.



A patient suffering form depression, named Mrs. A. K. ,age 45 years, science graduate B.Sc. (hons) and author of a book got depression, used to forget every one and was getting fear every day. she has treatment  of Akhand Chikitsa for on month and she got complete cure from her problem






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