·  Nature of the Diseases
      ·  Chronic Diseases: (Infectious Disease)
      ·  Psychological Ailments
      ·  Psychosomatic Ailments
     ·  Karma the root cause
     ·  How these Karmas are generated?
      ·  What happens in the Mind?
      ·   Karma Nirjara – The only way to overcome the diseases

  • Nature of the Diseases
    Know about your diseases:

    No disease exists that are incurable you have to simply find the right method to rectify disease; and transform into ease, good health and happiness. 

    Human body is a cration of a god and not a man. 

    Human body itself is a doctor. It is a self-repairing fully automatic machine. If you know how to maintain this machine, the mechanics called doctor will not be required. 

    The god is the greatest physician on the earth. 

    Trust and believe god power can help and heal only than you can be helped! 

  1. Chronic Diseases: (Infectious Disease)  
    The root cause of these types of diseases is a bacteria, virus and parasirtes, which can be seen under the microscope. These types of diseases are: COLD, TYPHOID, MALARIA, HEPATITIS B, JAUNDICE, T.B., LUCODERMA, PSORIASIS, V.D., HERPIES, AIDS etc. Broad-spectrum antibiotics can treat these types of diseases. The heavy dose of these toxic medicines can lead to kidney failure and damage to the liver and many other side effects. If you take the treatment of AKHAND CHIKITSA at very early stage these can enhance the defense mechanism of a patient and Spiritual person can transmit God power to the patient. This Spiritual power can help the patient in destroying bacteria and virus so that the minimum dose of heavy antibiotics is required which can save the life of the patient provided patient is taking this treatment immediately. This is an additional treatment which patient has to take to recover fast.

  1. Psychological Ailments
    These types of disease are: DEPRESSION, STRESS, MIGRAINE, ANXIETY, FEAR, PHOBIA, OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE POSSESSION, VIOLENT PARANOID PERSON, SCHIZOPHRENIA, SMOKING, ALCOHOLE, TOBACCO, DRUG ADDICTION etc. When the medical doctor treats these types of patients and when various test are carried out it shows normal report. Medical doctor refer these cases to Psychiatrics. Here there is no virus and bacteria than where is the root cause of the diseases? Here again the root cause is MIND and diseases are in the outer body. If the root cause is MIND how it can be treated with toxic medicines, which has got lot of side effects. This itself is a proof of existence of four non-visible bodies. In the SPIRITUAL HEALING we treat these four invisible bodies with the God power for patient to get permanent cure within a few days or months.

  1. Psychosomatic Ailments
    These types of diseases are mind – originated disease. According to medical science the root cause of these is MIND. These disease are: HEADACHE, GLAUCOMA, VERTIGO, SINUS, ASTHAMA, EMOTIONAL DIARRHEA, ULCER, COLITIS, HIGH B.P., LOW B.P., WEAKNESS, TONSIL, ADENOID, ARTHRITIS, SCIATICA, SPONDILITIS, KNEE JOINT PAIN, IRREGULAR M.C., FIBROID, CANCER, HEART ATTACK, RETINA NEUROPATHY, GANGRENE etc. There is no virus and bacteria found for these types of diseases. The painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and heavy antibiotics temporarily suppress the pain in the body by anesthetic effect e.g. If you have got knee joint pain and doctor prescribes painkiller for that which immunizes the nervous system. The brain doesn’t feel the pain till the effect of drugs remains on the nervous system. The pain is accumulated in the knee joint due to blockages of blood vessels. Suppose you require 5 mg of medicine and doctor will prescribe you 350 mg medicine for your pain than out of these only 5 mg will go to the knee joint and remaining 345 mg will be deposited in blood, which is going to harm other part of the body. If you take this medicine more than one year these toxic chemical will further damage other organ.   

    Every disease is the result of the imbalance of the energy caused by the deposition of Lesyas in our Aura. The root cause of the diseases lies outside the body physical body shows only the symptoms. When the root cause of most of the diseases are Mind than how can you get cure by just treating the symptoms of the medicine? No toxic medicine can give you cure permanently as it suppresses the symptoms and the root causes are not treated.

  • Karma the root cause
    2600 years ago Lord Mahavir has given every minute detail about human birth, human existence, death and also about the diseases. He has also shown the way to cure the diseases. He has specified the Karma, which is the Root cause of every disease. Jainism has its own unique theory of conduct and Karma. Our good or bad deed generates minute particles or atoms, which bind themselves and pollute the soul. These Minute particles or atoms are generated due to the Attachment (Rag), Spite (Dvesh), Anger (Krodh), Avarice (Lobh), Fascination (Moh), Fondness (Maya) etc. that gets deposited in the Aura and in the long run it results in the diseases. Anger (Krodh), Pride (Maan), Illusion (Maya) and Greed (Lobh) are the four Kashays of Karma.  

    From the birth of the mankind till the death every thing that happens in his / her life is related with the Karma. Human being is suffering form the pain, worries and diseases due to the Karma of the present / past life. Whatever the good or bad deeds we do in our life gets recorded in our Karman body. And as per that we get happiness / pain in our life. As per the Karma of the person he gets birth, and as per the Karma only he gets the family, friends and relatives. So one can say that everything that happens in once life is due to Karma and Karma only.

  • How these Karmas are generated?
    The Karmas can be positive and negative. Whatever we do positive or negative, whatever we think positive or negative generates the Karma. Every good thing that happens in our life is due to our Positive Karma and every bad thing that happens in our life is due to our Negative Karma. We suffer form Pain, Worries and Diseases due to our negative Karma. The Positive and Negative Karmas are generated due to Mind. So Mind is the Root cause of the 90% of the diseases.

  • What happens in the Mind?
    According to positive and negative thinking Mind generates Electro Magnetic Waves, known as LESYA in Jainism, of different colors. The negative thinking generates Black, Blue and Red colors which is described in Jainism as Krishna Lesya, Neel Lesya and Kapot Lesya, which are responsible for the Pain, Worries and Diseases. And Positive thinking generates bright White, Golden and White particles i.e. Tejo Lesya, Padma Lesya and Shukla Lesya, which maintains your health.

  • Karma Nirjara – The only way to overcome the diseases
    Lord Mahavir has stated the root cause of your diseases is ‘Karma generated from the Mind’. And he has also given the way for shedding the Karma, which is known as ‘Karma Nirjara’.  

    Our good or bad deeds / thinking generates minute particles or atoms or Lesya which gets deposited into the Aura body as our Karma. The influx of these Karmas can be stopped only when we prevent the influx of temptation. The shedding of Karma is wiping / cleaning of old accumulated particles of previous deeds, which is known as Karma Nirjara. Lord Mahavir has given the process of Karma Nirjara in Jainism.  

    At our center we give the patients treatment-cum-course of ‘Akhand Chikitsa’ to overcome their health problem. And the process of Karma Nirjara is the part of our treatment. We train the patients Mind in such a manner that the patient can prevent the creation of the Karma in future. And for the Karma already created by them in the past we teach them the process of Karma Nirjara.







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