What is  PIP?
        How can you diagnose the diseases with PIP?
        How it is beneficial?
         PIP of SDr. 

  •  What is PIP
    PIP AURA SCAN is a new scientific way to know your diseases. PIP (Poly-contrast Interference Pattern of your Aura.).  PIP AURA SCAN is photography of ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD surrounding Visible Physical Body, Meridians, Chakras and Organs.

  • How can you diagnose the diseases with PIP ?
    In Medical Science doctor diagnosis the disease with the help of X-ray, CT Scan, M.R.I. and Various test. But it may cause side effects due to heavy radiations. And the doctor will come to know about the disease when it enters the Visible Physical Body.  

    But in Akhand Chikitsa we are diagnosis the disease with the help of PIP Aura photography without any side effects. The patient can see his Aura and the disease from PIP at the very earlier stage when it has not entered the physical body. The various colors of your Aura tells about your diseases. 

  • How it is beneficialL?
    Through PIP AURA SCAN :   
            You can know your diseases, which exist in your Visible Physical Body 
            You can know your diseases well in advance (at Aura level) before it enters to 
            Visible Physical Body.   
            You can know the ROOT CAUSE of all the diseases.




You can see the Golden Color hallow of SDr. Vinod J. Gudhaka 

The proof of Spirituality of a person who is a channel to the God power who can do the Psychic Surgery. This energy can be used as a medicine to eradicate evil spirit and disease energy from the Body, Mind and Soul. This energy can be transmitted to any person in any corner of the world without seeing him / her. This principle is used for distance healing for patients in I.C.C.U. / in hospitals.



Miss. S., age 24, a schizophrenia patient suffering form hallucination and violent act from last 10 years.

You can see the AURA in which flow of Spiritual energy (of Golden Yellow color) is blocked by negative energy (Evil spirit) as a blue, orange and pink color.  You can see the head; Visible physical body is covered with blue and red color Negative energy.


Mast. V., age 11.5 years; he got a dehydration, fit and semi coma stage at the age of 1.5 years. He was declared as a mentally retarded child.  

You can see the Evil Spirit Energy blocking the Golden color Spiritual Energy that forms Will power and Memory power. You can see the Black; Blue and Red patch overhead and face which shows negative energy, which cannot be treated by any medicines. What you need is a Spiritual Healing i.e. God power to eradicate the Evil Spirit.


Mast. V., age 11.5 years; he got a dehydration, fit and semi coma stage at the age of 1.5 years. He was declared as a mentally retarded child.  

He was treated by Spiritual Healing. You can see the Green and Golden color light entering the head. Negative block of Evil Spirit is cleared off. He started improving and become a normal child. 10 years of his life wasted as a mentally retarded child by only medical treatment


Mr. J., age 52 years, suffering form the heart blockages. He has gone for Angioplasty. You can see orange and red color congestion on the heart area even after Angioplasty is done in Visible Physical Body. The wave of mental tension and stress, which is the root cause of the diseases, is still there in AURA after one year of Angioplasty. It will again deposit into another Coronary Arteries if root cause will continue.  

You can see the Liver and Gall Bladder  surrounded by Red color, which is damaging the Anatomy and Physiology of Liver and blocking the flow of Spiritual energy. Medical science will come to know only after symptoms start in Visible Physical Body and Anatomy and Physiology is damaged. You can treat the disease well in advance by PIP Aura scan.   



Mr. H. Singh, age 48 years, The heart blockage on front heart is cut-off by distance healing when he was in I.C.C.U. 
A patient of heart problem was admitted in I.C.C.U. in the world-class hospital of Mulund. Doctors have forcefully advised for Angiography, but they have taken discharge form that hospital because of trust on this treatment. 

His relative was treated successfully at our center for heart problem who was having heart blocks and was not getting relief with medical treatment. 

At the time of hospitalization they have taken distance healing on phone through SDr. Vinod J. Shah. And after taking discharge he came to our center for photography. In the above photograph you can clearly see the power on the front heart chakra that has been cut off with distance healing so he got relief in Angina pain. The next day he has taken the treatment of Psychic Surgery at our center and his heart block was dissolved through this treatment. After three days of treatment he went to Pune for his business work without any problem.


Mrs. S., age 52 years, was suffering from the heart problem and breast fibroid in the right and left breast. She was suffering from the heart problem from last 4 years at native place. She came to Bombay. She got again heart problem and she was treated by Spiritual Healing and Psychic Surgery. While doing Psychic Surgery breast fibroid was also detected and it was dissolved by this power

You can see the Golden and Green color in her Aura photography after dissolving breast fibroid and her heart problem was also solved.   






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